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Boycott the Boycotts!

May 9th, 2012 · No Comments

I read much today about the movement to BOYCOTT all things North Carolina. Daily Kos asks you to boycott all NC businesses (Ameritrust, Bank of America, Belk, Coastal Federal Credit Union, Coventor, Dex Media, Duke Energy, Family Dollar Stores, Goodrich Corporation, Lowe’s, Nortel Networks, Open Software Solutions, Reynolds American, and Sealy (mattresses)). They also ask you to boycott travel and tourism and punish the state by not spending money there on vacation. Roseanne Barr, who is running for President as a member of the Green Party, called for Hollywood production companies to boycott the entire state of NC, as reported by asks everyone to not spend vacations in NC.

REALLY? Is this how we now work as a society? If a group of people doesn’t agree with YOUR political views or social agenda, punish them?


Think about this rationally for a moment, people. This is America. It is the land of free speech, freedom of worship and, last I checked, a country founded on the idea that all people are welcome to, no…have the RIGHT to their own set of values and beliefs as long as they fall within the limits of the laws.

It is NOT your place to tell others what to believe and/or threaten their livelihoods because they don’t agree with you. If you don’t like the way the folks in NC think, don’t live there. Oh, wait, you live in NYC, NJ, CA, PA, AZ, MA, and other states already? Then why are your panties in a twist about how the folks in NC feel about what their state does?

LIVE AND LET LIVE, people. Show some tolerance…the same tolerance you DEMAND for the oppressed YOU support. Your actions, threats and bad behavior toward your fellow countrymen and women is no better that the radical jihadists who punish, maim and kill others for their beliefs. You may not agree but look at the path you’re on. Remove the blinders and see the hate mongering you do.

Be joyful for the progress made on important issues such as same sex marriage (oh, and for the record, I SUPPORT IT) but DO NOT attempt to tell me or any other American what to believe and how to act. Shame on you.

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