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WestGlen Launches i-Blitz Interactive, the next generation of audience and message fusion

May 21st, 2009 · 2 Comments

(DISCLAIMER:  I work at WestGlen as SVP, New & Emerging Media. While my employer is aware of this blog and supports my content creation activities and social media engagement, they do not necessarily endorse all or any of the views or opinions expressed here in my blog,


Expert Q&A: Ed Lamoureaux, SVP, WestGlen Communications

Tonya Garcia

May 20, 2009


WestGlen Communications just launched its new practice, i-Blitz Interactive, which reaches highly targeted audiences both on and offline. Ed Lamoureaux, SVP of new and emerging media for the company, answers questions about the new offering and how to reach niche markets.

PRWeek: The press release introducing i-Blitz mentions a number of environments where clients can reach targeted audiences including doctor’s offices and health clubs. What sort of adjustments should you make in your broadcast outreach when you’re targeting such a niche environment?

Ed Lamoureaux: It’s not just broadcast outreach that needs to be adjusted when targeting niche environments. It’s about designing an overall media strategy that focuses outreach strategy and tactics on the places where your target consumers work, play, and live- whether online or offline. The word “broadcast” by definition is the attempt to reach a large audience through major media channels. It is very much a “throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks” strategy. Sometimes that is needed to support the targeted messaging done through niche channels, but sometimes the niche channels are much more relevant and powerful for the intended message and the audience they’re targeted to.  

PRWeek: What are some of your tips for clients who are looking to reach a very niche audience? Since they’re not reaching a ton of people, what should their expectations be?

Lamoureaux: Our advice is “bigger isn’t always better.” Reaching core audiences and active influencers often leads to high-quality amplification of our client’s key messages through a trusted resource in the targeted community we’re attempting to reach. One of the first rules WestGlen follows when working with online communities or social networks is asking the question, “Is it worth talking about?” If so, there’s a good chance there’s viral pass-along potential and then it’s simply a matter of developing the campaign elements and offers that make message engagement and sharing simple and authentic. Many of our clients have seen tremendous ROI from 10,000 direct engagements of an online video where, in the past, 1,000,000 impressions didn’t move the needle at all. At the end of the day, it’s about measurable action, not just waving the flag and hoping the message was ingested.

PRWeek: In what ways is i-Blitz Interactive different from the Internet and specialized media practice on which i-Blitz is based?

Lamoureaux: I-Blitz Interactive has added more technology-based solutions such as widgets, microsites, and Web analytics. We can now fully serve any client looking to integrate social media outreach and promotion whether through online audience development work or through automated technology offerings.


From May 20, 2009 posting on PRWeek website:

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  • 1 Lisa Bader // May 21, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Congrats on launching I-Blitz. I agree with the “bigger isn’t always better” advice, but for me, the challenge is helping clients realize that everyone may not be interested in their message. Most people seem determined to reach the masses – even if their message may not be relevant. As you suggest, identifying and focusing on the niche that truly cares will be more successful – and minimize wasted resources & effort.

  • 2 gene sower // May 21, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    Hi Ed, sounds intriquing but what does this mean when you say: “We can now fully serve any client looking to integrate social media outreach and promotion whether through online audience development work or through automated technology offerings.” How, exactly does I-Blitz do this? Does it add social media bookmarking Chicklets to webpages? Feedburner widgets to blogs? I totally agree that bigger isn’t better (because niche is nice) but is I-blitz software and how does it “do” these things?

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