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Love What You Do.

March 15th, 2016 · No Comments

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker? Yeah, that’s our work.

Adidas Global Online Newsroom? Yeah, we built that.

HBO ‘Game of Thrones’ Online Viewer’s Guide? Yeah, we built that.

Lamborghini’s video production, beauty reels and events?  Yeah, we do that.

Google’s Multimedia Newsroom? Yeah, that’s our work, too.


We have won 22 Emmys, 19 Telly’s, 17 PRN Awards, 4 Addy’s, 2 Webbys, 2 Shorty Awards, a Clio and more for creating compelling content and entertaining experiences that drive results.

Do I love my job?  Yes.  But I love my company more because of the collective intellect, drive, dedication, skills, diversity and collaborative culture.  Even more importantly, though, what makes Definition 6 incomparable is the trust our clients invest in us — globally recognized brands that are leaders in their categories.

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The Evolution of Broadcast PR and News Content from Marketers

February 3rd, 2016 · No Comments

The longer I work in and around public relations and marketing communications, the more I hear how the old “video PR companies” are dead or dying. And then I laugh.

In fact, most of the companies working in the area of multimedia content creation and distribution can tell you that, like all things, business has evolved, not died. This is the same truth realized by public relations professionals when told that PR and earned media is dead. Far from it. In fact, more content is being produced and distributed by brands and their PR, digital marketing and social agencies than ever before. “Narrative marketing” is alive and well and thrives in the PR segment of marketing because PR professionals are the greatest storytellers in the marketing business.

Narrative Marketing combines the predictability and precision of guaranteed media to the storytelling impact of PR. These clearly-branded, informative segments are ideal for delivering a brand message in a “tell me, don’t sell me” style, and ensures brands, non-profits, corporations, government agencies and all others with stories to tell connect with target audiences in a measurable way across ALL media channels.

I’ve attached a sizzle reel to show some great samples of what is working today in the world of narrative marketing and multimedia content creation. Please connect with me if you want to learn more or discuss how it can work for your organization.

Synaptic Digital Blocks Logo

A digital content creation and distribution company


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PRWeek Headline: “Social media maven” Ed Lamoureaux moves to Definition 6

December 17th, 2015 · No Comments

Thrilled that my recent job move got major industry trade pub pickup:

But the real work has just begun. Six years ago this article appeared and I was just beginning to shift the company I worked for at the time (WestGlen Communications) toward PESO (paid, earned, shared & owned) media strategies. Today that’s the norm and Definition 6 is powering (and EMPOWERING) its divisions, TheNewsMarket and Synaptic Digital, to lead the renaissance of multimedia marketing. I am lucky and thrilled to be part of this new venture in these tumultuous but exciting new times:

Article from PRWeek – October 8, 2009:

Broadcast PR firms’ survival hinges on innovation

by Tonya Garcia

The once-dominant broadcast PR industry has faced serious challenges over the past few years. That has never been more evident than in recent weeks, as The NewsMarket completed its acquisition of Medialink and On the Scene Productions (OTSP) filed Chapter 7 and shut its doors for good following financial hardship.

These developments are a bold illustration of a shift in the broadcast PR business model that has been underway for some time while the companies tried to adapt to a changing market, including the move to online.

“In business, if you don’t reinvent yourself every five years, someone will do it for you,” says Ed Lamoureaux, SVP of WestGlen Communications, another broadcast PR firm. “If you haven’t already changed and helped your clients find new ways to do broadcast PR, you’re in a world of hurt right now.”

Another determining factor is the simple fact that producing a video has become easier, and less of a specialized product.

“Technology has demystified the creation of content,” says Shoba Purushothaman, chairman and cofounder of The NewsMarket. She says there’s still a need for sophisticated content, but costs in the market will continue to decrease.

“There are some firms that are used to a pricing model that doesn’t work anymore,” says Purushothaman.

Still, as the broadcast PR firm model is shifting and contracting, the value of video production has clearly not dried up. NewsMarket found Medialink an attractive business because while it was focused on distribution of video, Medialink offered expertise and capability in creating the content, Purushothaman says.

Other broadcast PR veterans are also working to adapt.

While Doug Simon, president and CEO of DS Simon Productions, sees the latest developments as “the end play of the whole VNR controversy,” which decimated a whole sector of broadcast PR firms’ business, other offerings remain viable. For example, he says that SMTs, Internet media tours, and distributing content across media platforms are robust parts of his business.

“I was forced to diversify my business years ago because a key part of our branding was results for VNRs,” says Simon. “I realized earlier the need to make a foray into online media content. That’s a part of our business that’s growing rapidly in 2009.”

Simon adds that sales for this year are going to be within two to three percentage points of 2008 “due to growth of the Web video and Internet media tour business.”

Lamoureaux, too, says he has been shifting business toward reaching targeted audiences via both earned and paid media. According to Lamoureaux, WestGlen has established “microsyndication” deals and added products and services to reach more targeted audiences. This focus has helped WestGlen in a space that, he says, became “too crowded.”

“There are other companies still on the ropes,” he says. “I’m hearing stories of producers only working two- or three-day weeks. For every company that goes out of business, there are people who know what they’re doing, people with good ideas.”

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My first “boomerang” experience…

December 14th, 2015 · No Comments

TNM News_Lamoureaux2

Leaving one job to start another can be a scary point in one’s career. You never know whether you’ll be able to meet or surpass the success you’re enjoying at the job you will be leaving.  Add to that unfamiliarity with the new company’s products, processes and personnel and it becomes downright frightening.

However, when the job change involves going back to a company you worked for earlier in your career (a phenomenon that my former company, Ketchum, calls “bommeranging”), there is usually less cause for worry and more of a feeling of going home or to somewhere familiar.

My new role is a dual role of running TheNewsMarket in North America and driving large client growth for Synaptic Digital (both leveraging the digital and social savvy of parent company, Definition6).  Ironically, I worked at both companies at times when each of them were emerging companies and I helped build them into category leaders by the time I departed for other jobs.  Even more interestingly, Synaptic Digital (formerly Medialink) was acquired by TheNewsMarket a number of years ago before itself was acquired by Definition6.

So for those who are considering a job change or who have recently lost their employment, I want to suggest you get back in touch with companies in your past and let them know you’re looking.  Assuming you left them on good terms, being a boomerang makes you very attractive to your “old flames” because you offer them more than just a deep understanding of their business — y0u bring history, institutional knowledge, relationships, etc. to them and your immersion/onboarding period is greatly reduced.

Thank you for reading this post and please feel free to message me or call me if you want to hear more on how to become a boomerang or if you are in need of the services my new companies offer. 212-201-4216.

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Fear and Loathing at 33,000 Feet

October 28th, 2014 · No Comments

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who treated Ebola patients and then flew into Newark Liberty airport where she was detained and put into quarantone under the Cuomo/Christie policy for how their states would handle Ebola healthcare workers returning from overseas, complained about her rights being violated when she was quarantined. Really?  I wonder how her fellow passengers feel about that or whether they feel THEIR rights were violated when she boarded a commercial airliner without knowing whether she was ebola-free.

It is my suggestion that we either quarantine healthcare workers/volunteers BEFORE THEY FLY (force them to stop treating patients 25 days before traveling) OR pass a travelers’ bill of rights that includes a provision whereby people like Kaci Hickox must disclose their close contact with ebola victims to all other passengers on their flight, giving them the option to reschedule their flight of change their seat assignment.


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